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2023 winners

Berkhamsted Rotary Half Marathon Results 2023




1st         Jack Eykelbosch               Dacorum AC                  1:09:18

2nd       Phillip Oddy                      Dacorum AC                  1:13:00

3rd        Alessandro Campana     Tring RC                          1:13:10


Over 40

1st         Stephen Buckle                St Albans Striders         1:13:29


Over 50

1st         Jim King                             St Albans Striders          1:20:00


Over 60

1st         Christopher Shearwood Metros RC                       1:27:45


Over 70

Ist           Gary Elkington                  Unaffiliated                   1:59:16


Men’s Team Prize awarded to Dacorum AC




1st        Alex Eykelbosch            Dacorum AC                          1:21:02

2nd       Jess Gray                        Dacorum AC                          1:27:16

3rd       Andrea Buchanan         Thames Hare & Hounds      1:28:13


Over 40

1st        Helen Mulhall                 Bearbrook RC                        1:28:16


Over 50

Helen Mulhall awarded 1st Over 40 overall therefore Over 50 prize awarded to 

Penny Habbick St Albans Striders 1:28:28


Over 60

1st         Lynda Hembury            Tring RC                               1:34:01


Women’s Team Prize awarded to Dacorum AC



Berkhamsted Rotary 5 Mile Fun Run Results 2022




1st        Tom Ford                      Berkhamsted School            30:39

2nd       Ernie Olima                  Dacorum AC                          30:44

3rd        Helder Soares             Stevenage Striders                30:59


First Boy 16 and under

Tom Ford and Ernie Olima were awarded overall 1st and 2nd prizes respectively, so because no runner may receive more than one prize, U16 prize was awarded to Adam Healey      St Albans AC  31:42




1st        India Frost                    Ashlyns School                29:21

2nd      Lucy Wilkinson             Unaffiliated                      30:41

3rd       Thea Gray                     Berkhamsted School      30:55


First Girl 16 and under

All 3 overall winners were 16 or under, so because no runner may receive more than one prize, U16 prize was awarded to Emily Ford        Berkhamsted School     31:02


Boys School Challenge was won by Berkhamsted School


Girls School Challenge was won by Ashlyns School

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