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1. Mix it up. When training for a running event, it's important to vary your workout sessions. Constant long runs at steady pace can lead to boredom and at some point your fitness levels will plateau. Try to incorporate some strength training into your weekly regime to improve your endurance and reduce your risk of injury. Adding a couple of shorter 20 minute HIIT sessions makes it more interesting and you could also try some lower impact cardio such as swimming and cycling. 


2. Interval train. This will really ramp up your fitness levels in a short space of time. Try running at a steady pace for 2 minutes then going all out for 30 seconds and repeat this 5-10 times depending on your current level of fitness. 


3. Eat smart. Try to eat a varied diet rich in complex carbs, protein, fruit and veg and omega 3 fatty acids - together these will provide energy and aid muscle growth and recovery, boosting your physical performance.


4. Stay hydrated. Hydration plays a key role in recovery. Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water a day and cut down on caffeine and alcohol in the lead up to the race. 


5. Rest. The harder you train, the more important rest days become. Your muscles need time to recuperate - if you overtrain, you will suffer from fatigue and risk injury.


6. Buddy-up. Training with a friend makes exercise more fun and also means you are less likely to skip a session for fear of letting the other person down!


7. Recce the course. If you're familiar with the route it's easier to psyche yourself up for the event.


8. Book lunch! If you have something to look forward to after the run this will help motivate you to keep going. 


Good luck - keep asking yourself, will you regret it once you've done it? I doubt it, but you will regret not doing it!


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