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Half Marathon and 5 Mile Fun Run Events

3rd March 2024

Running Prizes


  1. Finishing position of runners are based on official measured times to complete the course, and prizes are awarded based on finishing position.

  2. Individual runners cannot claim more than one prize, except where they win an individual prize and belong to a winning team, or win the Fundraising Prize.

  3. Winning Men’s (Women’s) Team Prize is awarded to the team with the first four men (women) to complete the course.  

  4. A School Team Prize for Boys is awarded School Team Prize is awarded to the team with the first four boys to complete the course.  A School Team Prize for Girls is awarded to the team with the first girls to complete the course. The prize money is made payable to the school’s specific nominated charity.


Fundraisers' Prizes

Individuals or teams who enter either the Fun Run or Half Marathon event, and raise funds on the basis of their taking part, on behalf of a specified charity, are eligible for the Fundraisers’ Prize.  To win they will need to:

  1. Declare their membership, if any, of a running team, and charity for which they are raising funds, when they register for the event.

  2. Raise more for their specified charity than any other contender for the prize, and in any case more than £500, collected by 10th March 2024, and

  3. Show the amount that they have raised on a JustGiving, GoFundMe or similar reputable fundraising webpage specifically and exclusively as a result of their participation in the Half Marathon or Fun Run. 

Berkhamsted Rotary Club will donate a prize of £150 to the winning Fundraiser’s fundraising page in favour of their specified charity, to the winner in each of the two categories

  • Individual Fundraiser Prize (for fundraisers not part of a Team)

  • Team Fundraiser Prize (team of 2 or more runners)

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